1:50 Premier Model Trucks

With Speedbird – we start where others stop and we take you places where others wont !

If you operate the best trucks on the road that money can buy and portray a high-quality image, then look no further – we will replicate just that for you, but in miniature !

With years of combined experience in the die-cast model market both in the eyes of collectors as well as selling models, we pride ourselves in our technical know-how and ability to be able to advise the customer of the best direction to take. Our customer base is so diverse that in some circumstances, a client is simply looking for an executive way to promote their company or product and the emphasis is then diverted away from the type of model we will produce and attention is drawn to the customer’s specific requirements.


There are occasions when the client has a strict budget or requirement, which must not be exceeded. With our intensive network of collectors, in most scenarios, we are able to meet the required price of the customer, by increasing the production quantity, this means we split the financial commitment by introducing our regular collectors to your product. So far this has proved to be very popular for Speedbird and we are sure that this will continue to be the case, especially when we are able to offer maximum flexibility. Both our website and that of our manufacturing partners, Tekno, is the best portal for our collecting customers to keep in touch of the latest developments both in terms of new tooling that we’re offering as well as new truck models available to boost their collections.


We have also placed considerable investment in into accommodating all kinds of clients, be it corporate or collector, from ordering 1 model, to a quantity of several hundred or thousand models.  We have the infrastructure in place to be able to serve all these kinds of clients, thanks to the latest IT technology that can process our orders quickly and efficiently.

So, not only can we offer you the best way in which to maximise the everlasting effects our models attract, but we can spread your name throughout the world amongst our expanding network of truck model collectors.