Speedbird Promotions are he sole UK distributor for ReturnMe, the worlds largest lost & found company. A unique promotional branding opportunity that promotes your business while offering a useful service. Once your customer registers an item using the unique code, if lost there is a good chance of it being returned to them free of charge while providing a reward for finding the item.


Avoid any productivity loss caused by losing your items. Save the time you would have lost in updating your lost contacts from your cell phone, replacing your keys or having to replace everything in your wallet.


Our security tags drastically reduce the risk of permanently losing your valuable items and therefore having to replace your lost items.


Our security tags make it easy for finders to contact us 24/7 from anywhere in the world. From contacting the finder on your behalf, all the way to arranging the return of your lost item from anywhere in the world, our service is simple, effective and convenient.


Just one recovery of a lost item will pay for the entire service and more. A small investment goes a long way in protecting your valuable items.


ReturnMe is the World’s largest lost and found company which services the entire globe. You can live in Montreal, lose something at the O'Hare airport in Chicago and have ReturnMe ship back your found item to your hotel in Paris.


When you use ReturnMe security tags to protect your items, they are protected for the life of the item. If your tag breaks or fades or if you get a new item to protect we will replace your old tag with a new one at no charge.


Your personal or your company information stays confidential and can always be updated 24/7 online in your ReturnMe profile.


Statistics show that items that have some form of identification are less likely to be stolen. Our security tags’ unique ID code allows law enforcement agencies to identify you as the rightful owner of your stolen item.